Home Additions and Remodeling, Meridian, ID

When you need more space in a certain area of your home, an addition can be a better option than purchasing a new home. Instead of having to move, you can stay in the home and area you have grown to love while adding the area you need.

Adding a room or addition onto your house is not a small project and hiring a contractor who knows the zoning laws, building codes, and homeowners’ rules is necessary to prevent future headaches. Neil, the owner of Old Boise Remodeling, will walk you through the entire process and help with design and selection of products to make sure the remodeling and additions are exactly what you want. 
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A few steps to consider when adding an addition or a room to your house are:
  • Get specific about what you want 
  • Determine your budget
  • Create plans
  • Obtain an estimate
  • Get everything in writing
  • Make plans for living during construction

One consideration when planning for a future addition is whether or not you want to update the rest of your home. If you don’t want to do any other updates, it is important that you choose paint and flooring that will closely match the areas that are closest to the addition. Old Boise Remodeling is well known for their ability to create additions and structures that match the existing home or building and flow naturally with the space that is already there. From drywall to paint, we make it look like it’s always been there. If you do want to update your home, we can help you with a new design and implement it all at the same time!

If you’ve been thinking of adding an addition or remodeling your kitchen, bathroom, or basement, call Old Boise Remodeling at (208) 991-6224 or contact us. We would love to come evaluate your plans and give you a free estimate!

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